It’s a weakness

I know you may think I’m crazy.  It’s not that I haven’t heard of Aldo before, I’ve seen lots of advertisements (which I love by the way – they are so clean and fresh with the best pops of color).




But before yesterday, I had never taken the time to go to their website.  I was looking at a billboard for Aldo that we will be printing at my work and I LOVED the shoes in it.  I figured they would be way out of my price range.  In a way they are…but I then discovered their clearance section and…Oh. My. Gosh.  I have never seen so many shoes on clearance in my life!  The great thing is – they have a “Sale” section but then their “Clearance” section has you take an extra 30% off.  That is BAD news for a shoe addict like myself.  Don’t worry, I didn’t break down and buy any….yet.  Gotta wait until after the big move – which is less than a week away!  Here are some of my current Aldo favorites:

Checo Wedges – Crochet is delicious

Went Heels – The texture of these is so appealing


Hernandez Heels – These remind me of some of my favorite sandals

Garolega Oxfords – Yep, kinda in love with Oxfords right now

Orlena Boots – I’m not a huge fan of brown but I really like it with boots for some reason

Krugh Heels – These are TO DIE FOR…and also the shoes from the billboard that brought me to the website.  I need.

I wonder if my shoe addiction will ever go away?  But do I really want it to?  I’m not sure….


Stormie Dae