It goes into every nook and cranny.

The breakfast nook is one of my favorite places in my house.  Heck – every room in my house is my favorite.  But the sunlight in the morning that streams into the nook is incredible.  I’m still working on every aspect of my home and I hope to, at some point, give a house tour – but for now I will continue to show you little snipets of things I do as I go along.  The nook is nowhere close to being finished.  I still only have one lonely chair at my lovely retro table and I am looking for 3 more to go with it.  The only requirements are that they are cheap, cute, mismatched and preferably vintage.  I picked this one up at a yard sale for $3 and I love it!

{Nook before and during the move – slightly more organized since}

I have spents years collecting dishes for my kitchen because I love to cook, and cute dishes make me want to cook all day long.  I desperately wanted a place to display them so that they could brighten my mood just by seeing them.  No hiding behind closed cabinet doors!  I love that my house already had these amazing built-in cabinets and they  just barely hold most of my kitchen things.  I still have plans to put some open shelving above my stove, but for now – all the dishes are squeezed in tight and oh-so-beautiful.

Looking at these photos makes me want to go home and create an amazing meal right now…if only my stove was up and running – a story for a different time.

In unrelated news, yesterday was the TOMS One Day Without Shoes campaign – which I also participated in and posted about last year.  I went barefoot for the day to promote global poverty awareness.  Check out TOMS shoes and their cause.

Much love,

Stormie Dae