I’m not gonna say it.

I realized this morning that I’ve had 2 posts already titled with some variation of my desire to be lazy…I hope this isn’t becoming a pattern.  It is seemingly always after I take a trip and get home really late the night before, which is not the case now…but here we are.  This week has felt incredibly slow and I have had no real kick toward accomplishing anything big.  I think some weeks are just like that, and I think sometimes it’s necessary to not worry about it.


My plans for this weekend are to catch up on some Netflix movies, take lots of naps, spend time with my momma, celebrate my sister’s birthday…and maybe throw in a picnic somewhere.  Some time needs to be spent in my garden, cleaning it out and getting it ready for the deliciousness that will be planted there soon.  That may sound like hard work, and it most likely will be – but I think it will also be extremely relaxing and fulfilling, plus I need to get some sun on these white arms.

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Don’t forget this upcoming week we are adding another day for posting, so check back Sunday to hear from Stephanie May on something that I’m sure will be extremely interesting and stimulating…aren’t you intrigued?!  I am! (no pressure Steph… ;-) )

Happy weekend loves!

Stormie Dae