I wish I was a little bit taller



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If you can’t tell in these photos, I’m a bit tired.  On Tuesday I was sick in bed all day with the flu.  It was the worst, and really makes me appreciate feeling “normal” now.  Tristan had to teach a music class for most of the day, so I had him pick the kids up early from school, and they took such good care of me.  Gavin got a texting app on his iPod touch a few months ago, and he would text me every once in awhile to ask if I needed anything.  It was the sweetest.  After a couple hours, my parents took the kids over to their house for the afternoon/evening so I could rest – it was just what I needed.  I’m feeling SO much better now, and ready for a very busy weekend with friends and family – hooray:)

I don’t know about my hair though because I decided to try parting it down the middle since my bangs are getting so long, but it feels SO weird to wear it like that!  Do you ever try a simple change to your hair or makeup and it just feels…strange?  :)

Outfit details:

Black maxi dress – H&M

Black and white top – Urban Outfitters

Cardigan – Target (borrowed from Stormie)

Lavender platform boots – LuLus (I’m usually 5′ 4″, but in these boots, I’m easily 5′ 9″!)

P.S.  Don’t mind the cheesy title…I grew up in the 90s.

Stephanie May*