I Was A Kaleidoscope

Hello lovelies!  This week is about to take me out and it’s not even halfway over (I’m including the upcoming Saturday and Sunday in this as well).  In the current 7 day span, Friday is the only evening I am not going to meetings, birthday parties, practices, and more meetings.  I even had something scheduled for Friday and thank goodness it was cancelled because I’m pretty sure I will be sleeping the second I walk into my house after work.

I only have 2 hours left of work today (yes!) and then have to head over to my church where I am a youth leader and we are also having our family celebration for my brother’s birthday tonight as well when I am done with that.  Phew…busy day!

What better way to relax a little and have some fun then show you my most recent Instagr.ams?

New watches. ♥

Airport reading on my way to South Dakota.  My new barista-given name, Stromy.

In SD, we stayed in an older woman’s house – she had tons of great vintage things.  The pheasant was my morning view from the couch.

Wedding fun.

The nephew winning a medal for his flag football team – so cute!

Beyond excited for the Walking Dead premiere!  I need to renew my Nylon subscription!!

Fun thrifting finds – The car was not for sale.

Signs of Fall from my bedroom window. ♥

Happy Jump Day loves!