Happy Birthday Stephanie May!

As everyone knows, I am a huge Mac fan.  No one can change my mind on that, so please don’t even try.  I just find this photo fun and pretty…sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Now back to the real reason for this out of character Saturday post.  Today is Stephanie May’s 29th birthday!!!

I meant to find a photo of Stephanie and I when we were younger but I sort of forgot.  This one of her with my mom is so sweet though…and now you know that she was destined to have red hair from the beginning.  Look at that 80’s red!

I love this photo.  It was really just one of hundreds I took one day when we were trying to get good pictures for our blog birthday post.  I don’t know why this one got overlooked, but I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and I love it.  This is Stephanie to me.  No matter what we are doing, we are always laughing – and that is one of the best things I think.  I’m just shocked there is no coffee anywhere in this photo, but that is another matter.

Stephanie and I talked about starting our “MayDae” business together SO many years ago, and this past year has been such an incredible experience.  I don’t think there is anything better than doing something you love with someone you love.

Some of my fondest memories of Stephanie and I are:

– Everytime she would come to pick me up from junior high, I was thrilled and flattered that my teachers and even my friends would mistake her for being me when she walked down the hall.  I always thought she was beautiful and I can’t complain that they believed we looked that much alike.

– Also a junior high age memory, at times we would dress the same.  We thought it was funny, and secretly I thought it was really cool and loved doing it.  Black shirts, dark jeans and black Converse.  Yes.

– Stephanie introduced me to the caramel macchiato at Starbucks when I was too intimidated by the choices to make my own decision, and I haven’t changed my drink of choice since – although Steph has.

– I have gotten to know Stephanie very well through picture form.  I have hundreds of photos of her modeling things for our shop that I sort through every few weeks and edit…if only she knew how closely I know her – in the most non-creepy way possible:)

She is caring, she is funny, she is one of the coolest mom’s I know – and I’m pretty sure she is the best den mother or room volunteer or whatever you want to call it, that her kids’ school has ever seen.  Her fashion sense inspires me and I actually kind of like that we don’t have the same opinion on everything.  It makes doing our business together so much more fun and adventurous…we even place bets sometimes on how fast different items will sell in our shop.  Currently we have two pairs of shoes that the other person doesn’t like, we’ll see who’s right…pretty sure it’s me.

Shoot…how did we get back to the Apple product thing??  Oh…that’s right…because that’s my gift to Stephanie for her birthday this year.  I just feel like it’s time that we became iPhone buddies, don’t you Steph? ;)

I love you big sis, even though you spray smelly perfume on me when we’re shopping…still working on forgiving you for that btw. ;)

I hope this year brings you great joy and love and stinkin spectacular relationships….thanks for being my partner in life, love and business – it’s kinda the best.


Stormie Dae