Hair with a side of pony

We all laughed at the hilarity of Deb’s side pony in Napoleon Dynamite 6 years ago.  It was a throw back to the ’80s and was meant to add to the ever so slightly off style of the movie.  Hang on a second though, because side ponies are definitely back in full force and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  Hey – Napoleon brought back the moon boot, why not the side pony?!

Side pony + bows = mmmhmmmm

LOVE this.

Wait though…throw a side braid into the mix?  Even better!

C’mon, just sweep your hair off to one side and make a very smooth and perfect ponytail or swoop it with as much delicious mess as you can.  High on your head or low behind the ear, it’s all up to you – and admit it, you know you want to.