Embrace the Suck

Yes it’s true.  Stormie Dae, myself, and our sister Tredessa went to see Beastly on Saturday night.  I won’t bore you with the plot, but it is supposed to be a modern day version of Beauty and the Beast, and we actually thought that it might be good…we were sadly wrong.  The only redeeming qualities of this cheesy, poorly written, superficial movie were Neil Patrick Harris and Mary Kate Olsen’s characters – the latter of whom plays the witch that casts the ugly spell on the “prince”.

Stormie Dae and I loved Mary Kate’s clothing and style SO much, that I immediately looked up photos of her from the  movie, but there are very very few.  How could this be?  Even doing a search for the designers that she wore in the film came up with next to nothing.  These 3 images are what I could find – hopefully they will give you an idea:

In lieu of better Mary Kate images, have fun viewing these gorgeous Beastly Witch-Inspiration photos via Jak & Jil:


Stephanie May*