& all at once.

Oh, hey blog!  Sorta forgot about you…

*Warning – this post is extremely photo & link heavy…*

Remember when our sister got married in November?  It seems SO long ago…but we finally got the official photos back right before Christmas!

If you missed any of our wedding posts (with unofficial photos) you can catch up here, here, here and here.  You’re welcome.

There were hundreds of photos to choose from but I did a quick run-through and these are my current favorites (you can see more photos in my sister’s Pinterest folder):

Yours truly helping the sis with her fake lashes

Seriously a classic beauty…

I love this photo of my dad getting ready

The whole group

The fam – ♥ them

The wedding party did a choreographed dance during the first dance – so much fun!

My nephew – the dancing machine.

Our photo booth consisted of an old ‘wallpapered living room’ complete with faux-couch, chandelier and old photos of our family and the bro-in-laws family.

Thus endeth the wedding posts…for now.

{Photos by Chronos Images and Lilac Photography}