We want you to get well

I’m sick.  It’s no fun….not one little bit.  I haven’t been sick like this in quite awhile, and I really want to continue on with normal life, but I can’t.  My body won’t let me.  Bleh*  The one good thing about being sick is getting to lay in bed and watch massive amounts of tv.  For instance, today I have watched:

Friday Night Lights (new to me – Stormie begged me to start watching it)

Gilmore Girls (always watching this)

Pretty Little Liars (okay, it’s a guilty pleasure…)

Project Runway All Stars (Go Mondo!)

Impressive amount of tv huh?  Anyway, I’m hoping that by Thursday I will be energized and full of life.  We shall see;)  Oh, and Stormie will be here tomorrow with a dazzling blog post for you, so now you have a reason to get up in the morning.