Observations from the sicky

*Warning – this post contains negativity.  I am sick – I get to say whatever I want and no one can be offended – that’s how it works.  Read at your own risk.  The following is what I have observed in the last 2+ days.

When you are sick:

– You stand in random places without the foggiest idea of what activity you were in the middle of accomplishing.

– You think the entire world is not doing anything; time literally stops for you to be sick.  If anyone even thinks of doing anything without you, they are on the ‘bad’ list.  How dare they.

– You use punctuation in sentences that you would NEVER otherwise use.  Like just now, when I used this beauty – “;”.  You’re also not quite sure if you used it correctly – but you don’t care either way.

– Guys that wear muscle shirts with deep arm holes to the store to show off their side tattoos are super annoying.  They may as well not be wearing a shirt.  Ew.

– Grocery shopping for “necessary sick items” equals comfort food binging, the nutrition facts of which you will be blissfully unaware until days later.

– It is the first time you realize the gall your dog has to even need to be taken outside to go to the bathroom.  This is also where you desperately wish they would miraculously develop opposable thumbs.

– Starting Dawson’s Creek from the very beginning sounds like a fantastic idea.

– You think that guys who wear muscle shirts with deep arm holes out of the house (period) deserve to be flogged.

– Decaffeinated tea not only tastes like it’s lacking something, but it still keeps you awake anyway.  Or maybe it was the Dr. Pepper you had…

– When people smile at you in passing, the only energy you can muster is to stare.  And you really don’t care if you seem rude….because you’re sick – so you’re allowed to seem rude.

– They say taking a shower will help you to feel better.  When you are sick, you spend a lot of time pondering who ‘they’ is and why the heck they lied to you.  You still feel like crap.

– You realize that you don’t just have this feeling because you are sick.  Guys should not wear muscle shirts with deep arm holes, full stop.

Am I the only one here?