Etsy Picks: Little Women

Today’s Etsy Picks are all about one of our favorite holiday movies:  Little Women

It’s hard to believe that we were only 12 (May) and 8 (Dae) years old when this movie came out in December 1994.  We totally remember going to the local mall to see it with our family on Christmas Day, and we were instantly smitten with the gorgeous sets and costumes, beautiful and poignant Jo March (played by Winona Ryder), and the very cute “Laurie” (played by Christian Bale).  To this day, Little Women remains a Christmas-viewing must for both of us, and if you haven’t seen it, please please do.  It will make you weep (in a good way).

Stephanie May’s Etsy Picks:

(Doll from Nacho Kitty, chalkboard from Beth Whitcomb, cup of tea photo by Emma Lynne, ice skates from Mechanical Stag, dress by Maggie May Fashions, opera glasses from Rage of the Age, sled from Bellalulu, hair combs by Bel Canto)

Stormie Dae’s Etsy Picks:

(Antique ice skates from Bargain Track, Beaver fur top hat from Marvita 13, Copper candle holders by Twelfth Night Design, Civil War camp dress by Maritime Arts, Antique pen nibs from Regina’s Studio, Stack of books from Two Vintage Avenue, Sleepy time bonnet from Second Wind Vintage, Antique curling iron from AM Radio)