Etsy Picks: It’s a veg-e-ta-ble

If you need some inspiration to keep away from the cupcakes and cheeseburgers this summer, you’ll find it here.  Put down that can of Dr. Pepper (yum) and pick up a carrot stick or juicy tomato.  Just try not to slather them in ranch or roll them in salt.  This week’s picks are all about vegetables – Bon appetite!

May’s Etsy Picks:

Vintage grater.

Happy eggplant.

Oh, how did these get in here?  Onions and tomatoes anyone?

Not surprisingly, I love this photo.

(Light bulb veggie bag by The Kitchen Roost, grater from Tea at Home with Olivia, asparagus apron from Pawling, eggplant friend by Natalie Mae, veggie clutch from Things She Carried, baby booties by Garden Alley, Onion rings photo from Broom Hill Pictures, sprouts by Six Hours,  push pins by The Dove Tree)

Dae’s Etsy Picks:

Anyone call for a carrot scarf?

Carl.  Onion.  (Something for Ricky Gervais fans)

(Cabbage leaf serving tray by the little prints, Muslin radishes by Middleburg, Carrot scarf by Twinkie Chan, Vintage potato masher from Behind the Screen Door, The Green Bean Zine by Green Bean Studio, Avocado necklace by Lulu Bug Jewelry, Onion Gonk by ClareBears, Broccoli stamp by Enchanting Stamps, Yellow platter by Wobbly Plates)