Etsy Picks: Grey

Hi-ho Monday.  It is very chilly here in Colorado – the skies are a lovely shade of grey, and it’s a nice change of pace since we have about 300 sunny days a year.  We (the sisters May & Dae) both love the color grey, so it wasn’t a hard decision to do grey-themed Etsy Picks this week:)  Hope that you enjoy these – they are pretty darn amazing:

May’s Etsy Picks:

(dress by Jo Demontis, typewriter from Bangles Park, pincushion by Namolio, monster by The Jae Bird, dress by Nivule, dresser from Oh Clementine, fedora from The Vintage Mistress, felt coasters by Keeley Behling, boots from Lisa Zain)

Stormie Dae’s Etsy Picks:

(Bird card by Edenology, Vintage industrial lamp from Antiquity, Origami petal skirt by Minx Shop, Tea tree oil soap by Pink Parchment Soaps, Baby Ninfea purse by Ninu, Knit elephant by seventytwostitches, Leg warmers by Okapi Knits, Vintage metal file box from Haven Vintage, Vintage Oxford flats from Starlet Vintage)