Etsy Picks: Fall Goodies & Treats

Halloween is officially over (and we LOVED every minute of it), but fall is not!  We love autumn and we are going to savor every Monday that we get to fill your screen with breathtaking Etsy finds, inspired by our favorite season.  This week we are ogling yummy treats and mouth watering goodies (and accessories to go along with those), and we think we have come up with a divine collection!  Don’t you just love Etsy Pick Mondays?

May’s Etsy Picks:

I have never tried salted caramels, but I am pretty sure that I would have an obsession with eating them.

These scones look amazing and incredible and wonderful.

I also need to try this pumpkin butter – sounds really really yummy!

Go and read the description for this apple – delectable.

(Cake bunting topper by Kiki La Ru, caramels from The Caramel Jar, turkey cupcake topper by Two Sugar Babies, lemon poppyseed scone mix from Lindy’s Delights, autumn cookies by Heather’s Delights, pumpkin butter from Of Crust and Crumbs, cinnamon rolls by Brown Bag Bakery, turkey cake pops from Sarandipity Sweets, pumpkin pie caramel apple by Lollipops Sugar Shoppe)

Dae’s Etsy Picks:

*I just have to say before I reveal my Etsy picks for this week…Stephanie May’s* first and last picks were EXACTLY two of the items I was salivating over and had picked last night when I was looking around.  This means they MUST be superb and you should buy some(the adorable cake bunting and delicious caramel apples)…and share some with us!

This might be the most original treat I have found.

I have been seeing sandwich cookies EVERYWHERE this year and I am so attracted to them…not sure why I haven’t broken down and tried them yet!

French sea salt…yes please.

I like apple butter…and I like pumpkin…so I think pumpkin butter is probably pretty incredible.

(Brown Sugar Cinnamon Shortbread from Zugar Haus, Fall theme cupcake toppers from EMT Sweeetie, Woodgrain graham crackers by Homesteading Roasters, Acorn sugar cookies from Baked, Pumpkin ginger sandwich cookies by whimsy&spice, Cupcake sleeves from Jago’s Paper Shop, Fleur de Sel Caramel by Have It Sweet, Edible sugar fall leaves by Andie’s Specialty Sweets, Pumpkin butter from Monadnock Mountain Muffins)

*We have updated our shop with new items, and will be adding more this week, so head over now, and take a looksy!  Oh, and please tell us which of the above treats you would choose to have if your computer screen magically opened up and let you take one item out.  It’s really important for us to know these kinds of things about you:)