The things we do

Yes this is my kitchen.  Yes I am getting a tattoo in my kitchen.  Is that not normal?

I decided to give myself a birthday present and have my friend Chris come over to add to my neck tattoo.  I had a cross tattooed on the back of my neck about 6 years ago and I always wanted to add something else to it, but hadn’t decided until a few months ago what that would be.  So on Saturday afternoon, Chris came and set up his gear and away we went.

I think this tattoo hurt less than both of my other ones…which could be due to the fact that it swelled up like a balloon…which was weird.  It was almost like an allergic reaction(which you can faintly see in the below photo).  This didn’t happen with either of my other tattoos but it wasn’t that big of a deal, the swelling went down a couple hours later.

The goal was to make my tattoo a little more feminine, and I think my new addition definitely does.  I absolutely love it!  Now I probably just need to get my faded cross touched up….uhhhhhh, Chris?? ;)

♥ Stormie Dae