Teeny Tinies ♥

baby leggings pants diy tutorial cute babies christmas gift
I shared a pic of my cutie nieces and nephew wearing the pants/leggings that I made, but I never shared the rest of them.  I mean, you really can never have too many sweet baby photos right?  I made each of their pants using my old tutorial from centuries ago.  I used 3 of my too-big shirts to make them, and I also made each of the girls a matching headband, and I made Kai a slouchy beanie.  Bailey isn’t wearing her headband in these photos because I couldn’t find it…..ooops.  I’m pretty sure it got thrown away.  Double ooops.  Anyway, they are like the cutest aren’t they?!  And little miss Eva has changed SO much since then!  I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I took these – the pants don’t even fit her anymore!  But that’s okay because that just gives me the excuse to make a few more pairs:)