Space to work.

I have been at my current job for 7.5 years now.  Some days it feels like it’s been much less than that but then others I feel  While I haven’t spent much time decorating the dark cubicle where I spend most of my time, I occasionally put some words of inspiration or just things I find funny on it’s gray walls.

This is the “art” of my cube:

Alternate book cover for Return of the Dapper Men

Excerpt from Look Both Ways – GREAT design book if you’re in the market

Totally behind the mission of this organization – Love 146

It’s kind of true.

Also pretty darn true.

Sort of an inside joke with some co-workers but it’s more about the quantity of better work than the incorrect grammar.

This is my space – where I spend 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday.  It’s not much – but it is possible to find inspiration and still have fun…on any given day.  I kind of like the people I work with – feeling grateful for them today.

Happy Friday!