Invitation to a wedding

Unfortunately no, you are not being invited to a wedding right now.  This wedding happened a week and a half ago – for our sister Tredessa and her dear husband, Ryan.  Hopefully within the next few days we will be able to share with you a few photos from the wedding – we know we’ve been promising and we will deliver soon, we promise(more)!

I had the great honor of designing the invitation and programs for their wedding which were such a blast to do!  My sister had some fantastic ideas so we chatted through specifics and went to work.

Each invitation consisted of a canvas book tied with a puzzle piece.

Inside was a 25-minute DVD with their love story and a wedding wheel invitation.  I’ve never had to use so much math on an invitation before in my life…

We also recreated the “story” feel for the programs which I have seen around recently and LOVE.

{Photo by Lilac Photography}

In addition to a few other small design elements like labels for bottles and things of that nature, the last project I worked on was a poster for the foyer at the church which told who the wedding party were.

{Photo by Lilac Photography}

At the end of the 25-minute DVD included with the invitations, I put together a fun little montage of Ryan and Tredessa with some of the extra footage.  Don’t worry – this isn’t the full 25-minutes.  Enjoy!

The design work for their wedding was so much fun to do and I couldn’t be happier that they trusted me to work on it with them.

{All photos taken by MayDae unless otherwise labeled}

Happy married life Dess and Ryan!!