Artists are fun.

And you can be one too!  Art House Co-op is now accepting participants for the 2012 Sketchbook Project.

According to their website, “It’s like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks”.  How fun is that?!  They have a whole list of categories for you to choose from for the theme of your book and then they will send you a sketchbook with a barcode.  After you’re done filling it up, you mail it back and it takes a little art show tour around the world.  Because it has the barcode, you can track anytime someone checks out your book which is an awesome feature.  After the tour, it is then catalogued permanently in the Brooklyn Art Library.  Yes please.

There are different rules about how wide your sketchbook can be in the end and other stipulations like that, but for the most part – you can do whatever you want.  And for someone like me who doesn’t spend a lot of time drawing, the appeal is in the ability to use other forms of art rather then just sketching.



My friend, Nick, participated in last year’s project which is currently on tour and you can see some of his pages here.  Awesome stuff.

I think a whole group of us is going to participate for 2012 – now the task is to figure out what theme we want for our sketchbooks…care to join?


Best of Fridays to you loves!

Stormie Dae