Paper me happy

I have been in a paper mood lately.  Creating fabulous things out of paper has been at the top of my fun list.  In my search to find amazing dresses of paper, I came across incredible ruffles and layers and folds.

(Cashmere Tissue Couture for Breast Cancer Awareness, Phone book dress by Jolis Paons, Paper fashion from Antwerp, Geometric paper dress, Paper creations by Peter Dwyer)

I found so many amazing dresses made completely from paper, but nothing can compare to the creations of Zoe Bradley.  This woman is a magician with paper and it makes me want to throw out my entire wardrobe and wear strictly the folded, stiff and crunchy stuff from now on.

I would totally wear this

What do you think?  Wedding dress material?

This dress is gorgeous and feminine and Zoe makes paper look soft and delicious

I wish I was 17ft. tall so I could wear this